Fair Trade Producers in Vietnam

Craft Link

Craft Link is a not-for-profit organization that assists small Vietnamese craft producers to develop their business and find market opportunities.

Preference is given to producer groups who are marginalised or disadvantaged such as ethnic minority people in remote areas, street children, disadvantaged women and people with disabilities.

Craft Link works with the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to promote understanding and appreciation of Vietnam’s artisans and their skills. They ensure that their producers receive fair wages and any profits are put back into the operation of Craft Link, product design and development, and training.

Craft Link are a member of WFTO - The World Fair Trade Organisation.

Reaching Out Handicrafts

Reaching Out Handicrafts was founded in 2000 by a group of disabled craftspeople in Hoi An in order to teach young disabled people marketable skills in a supportive environment. The following year a small shop was opened next to the workshop.

Over 20 disabled craftspeople now work in the workshop and many others work from their home environment. They all earn a fair wage and receive ongoing training and support.

Any profits made by Reaching Out are put back into the business and used to support community programs for people with disabilities throughout Vietnam.

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