The Global Conduct Story

Global Conduct began as an idea in early 2006 by Lisa Redmond. She wanted to seek out the highest quality handcrafted goods directly from the producers with an emphasis on quality and fair trade principles.

When Lisa began to research she was amazed to find a thriving network of fair trade organisations, retailers and suppliers throughout the world, BUT still very little in Australia. So began a journey to promote and provide a fair trade option to Australians.

Ten years later, in April 2016, the business moved to Sydney. It was purchased by Zoe and Gai - two women passionate to continue the vision of promoting fair trade options. Gai and Zoe continue to cultivate relationships with overseas producers and endeavour to provide the community with quality fair trade products.

Our goods are currently sourced from across India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia and East Timor. As we grow we hope to be able to include producers in other regions and expand our product range.

The basic philosophies that we stand by are based on the fair trade principles:

  • We will only purchase from producers on whom we can rely on their fair trade credentials
  • We will pay our suppliers in advance and without trying to “negotiate” a lesser price than what is asked
  • We will endeavour to support producers who may not have access to larger retail markets and those groups marginalised in society
  • We will foster relationships with our producers, their families and their organisations personally
  • We want to know our customers, and have them know about us. We will take the extra time that is required to make your purchase from us an enjoyable experience
  • We will use environmentally friendly and recycled packaging and encourage and support our producers efforts to do the same
  • Our main aim is to continue to serve the community with quality fair trade products.

You can read more about fair trade and our policies in detail on these pages: Fair Trade, Shopping With Us and Frequently Asked Questions.

We mostly operate online but aim to do market stalls regularly. You can find more about our market stalls on our Find Us page and on Facebook.

We are always learning more about our producers and customers and welcome your feedback, comments and questions at

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