Fair Trade Producers in East Timor

Women's Woven Art

Womens Woven Art is a non-profit business that specialises in products made by Timorese women using tais, the traditional cloth of Timor-Leste.

Made from 100% cotton the tais is woven on handlooms in the family home by Timorese women who are working for economic independence for themselves and their families. All the women supplying WWA run their own micro businesses in dozens of different areas ranging from Maubara to Los Palos. Australian Tricia Johns has been helping these women for several years by establishing outlets for their products and promoting them overseas.

The recent resurgence of violence and instability in Timor-Leste has meant that the fledgling tourist market for their goods has been damaged and a number of women have lost both their homes and their income producing equipment. WWA has assisted a number of these women to continue their work.

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