Fair Trade Producers in Cambodia


Rajana make a number of craft products supporting individuals with disabilities, widowers and other artisans in rural communities to provide income for their families.

By having workshops in several cities as well as several small villages, Rajana want to bring fair trade to all reaches of Cambodia. There are many talented artisans throughout the country and Rajana strives to work alongside them to help share their skills with the rest of the world.

Rajana is based in Phnom Penh.


Watthan artisans Cambodia is a co-operative providing employment for Cambodian artisans with disabilities.

Watthan is commited to providing hope and empowerment to people with disabilities and to participating in the development of Cambodia.'Our goal is to improve the living standard of people with disabilities in Cambodia, predominantly those affected by landmine injuries and polio'.

Watthan produce products using recycled or upcycled reclaimed hardwood to make unique products.


A.N.D., a small fair trade partnership founded in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in 2011 by an English designer with two local colleagues, was set up to support two main producer groups - village hand-weavers and disabled artisans.

A.N.D's mission is to inject design input into traditional techniques, in order to progress them, and to prepare these artisanal techniques for an international market.

A.N.D's signature fabric is hand-woven pure cotton ikat; previous to the partnership's founding, ikat in Cambodia was only woven on silk. Now, many home-based hand-weavers - mostly from farming families - are earning a supplementary income from ikat weaving on cotton.

Similarly, Cambodia has a long tradition of skillful wood-carving, often inspired by the ancient bas-reliefs of Angkor Wat. In order to progress this technique, A.N.D. has developed a range of unique wooden home décor and fashion items, whereby reclaimed local rainforest hardwoods are inlaid with vintage porcelain. These are produced by a team of polio-disabled carvers, who are now able to earn an independent living with a measure of dignity, while practicing an updated cultural tradition.

It is A.N.D's aim to progress and preserve these heritage-rich Cambodian techniques so that they are able to secure their livelihoods and to continue to progress these traditions in terms of design, so that these emblems of Cambodian culture can find their deserved place on the global stage.

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