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Bedspread - Silk with cotton stitching

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An exquisite silk and cotton embroidered double bed spread. Wow!


We have here in our bedspread range, a most beautiful piece of embroidery using the Kantha stitch technique.  The bed cover or bedspread, is 60% silk and 40% cotton.  It is backed with cotton and edged all by hand.  An absolutely stunning piece of work that will brighten up any room and such a pleasure to look at.  It is a blaze of indian colour and culture, richly coloured in tumeric gold.

Kantha is the traditional embroidery form of West Bengal. Kantha is perhaps the oldest form of Indian embroidery as it can be traced back to the first and second A.D.

A running stitch done on several layers of cloth, kanthas were made by women of all rural classes in Bengal. The rich landlords wife making her own elaborate embroidered quilt in her leisure time and the farmers wife making her own thrifty coverlet, both equal in beauty and skill.

The artisan usually embroidered images of people, animals, flowers, geometric designs and mythological figures. Kantha work only became available commercially in the 1980’s and the women who work with Sasha are part of a small exclusive group of specialists. They are very proud that their work cannot easily be done by anyone else and they have found independence and stature through their hands.

Our bedcovers are embroidered onto pure silk and are simply stunning, photos do not do them justice.


 2.5 metres x 2.6 metres


Bedspread - Silk with cotton stitching
Bedspread - Silk with cotton stitchingBedspread - Silk with cotton stitching
Bedspread - Silk with cotton stitchingBedspread - Silk with cotton stitching

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