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Fair Trade Producers in Nepal

Children Nepal

Children Nepal is a non-profit NGO working to promote the rights, welfare and development of children living in the margins of society.

Children Nepal staff work directly with children and their families, helping them to break away from effects of discrimination based on caste, disability, gender and social status. hilkdren Nepal works with families to address the problems of their daily lives and direct them to access local service providers and relevant social education.

By empowering families and involving them with community support networks Children Nepal believe they will achieve genuine and lasting social change at the grass roots level for generations of children.

Specific programs are: Child Self Help Groups, Bridging Education to prepare uneducated children for entry to the education system and an Income Generation program which employs disadvantaged women. Children Nepal are particularly concerned about the level of child trafficking that takes place in Nepal and are playing an active role in working to stop child trafficking.

Children Nepal are based in Pokhara, in central Nepal in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Children Nepal are a member of the Fair Trade Group Nepal and the WFTO - The World Fair Trade Organisation.

Kumbeshwar Technical School

Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS) was founded in 1983 to provide adult and child literacy classes to the low cast street sweeper community of the Kumbeshwar neighbourhood. Since then it has grown to provide a school of nursery and primary education, a child care centre and an orphanage.

Training and subsequent income generation in hand-knitting, carpet weaving and furniture making provide economic opportunities for the previously unskilled local people. The Director, Mr Kiran Khadgi is the son of the original founder, Mr Siddhi Bahadur Khadgi with part of their ancestral home being given over in past years to the project. KTS directly benefit over 1000 producers who are mostly women. A child care centre is provided for women working in the carpet weaving workshop or visiting the organization for training. Free education is provided to 250 school children and over 20 children live in the orphanage and receive both education and care.

KTS are founder members of the Fair Trade Group Nepal and members of WFTO - The World Fair Trade Organisation.

Women's Skill Development Organisation

WSDO is a non-profit organization providing handicraft related skills training to poor and disadvantaged Neplaese women, so that they may become self supportive. Established in 1975 WSDP has been able to provide hundreds of women with vocational skills and has built itself up to be fully self-sufficient.

WSDO make a range of handicraft items from hand loomed cotton that they dye and weave on site. All the finished goods are also designed and produced on site providing a full range of training in textile production. The women come from a wide variety of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Many of them have been widowed, divorced, handicapped, abused and forced to leave their homes and villages. WSDP also provide performance bonuses, scholarships and aid to members who are injured or become sick.

WSDO have recently started making products using natural vegetable dyes to embrace a process which is more environmentally friendly. They are a member of the Fair Trade Group Nepal and are a member of WFTO - The World Fair Trade Organisation.

The Association for Craft Producers

ACP is a non-profit professional group established in 1984 that provides design, market, management and technical services for low income, primarily female, craft producers. The regular wage and allowances that ACP can pay their producers improves the overall standard of living. ACP currently benefits 1200 producers and runs an impressive range of producer welfare programs and initiatives including:

  • A Savings program, retirement fund and a medical allowance
  • Festival allowances to cover increased household expenses during these times
  • Education allowances to cover children’s education and discourage child labour
  • A workshop cafeteria providing a meal and safe hygienic drinking water each day, to those workers based at or visiting the ACP premises
  • Paid maternity leave.

ACP have recently completed a major upgrade of their premises to allow increased technical and quality support to their producers. In these refurbishments they have included a number of proactive environmental systems such as rainwater catchment and an operational waste water system.

ACP are founding members of the Fair Trade Group Nepal and are a member of the WFTO - The World Fair Trade Organistion.

Sana Hastakala

Sana Hastakala is a non-profit organization established in 1989 with the financial and technical support of UNICEF to meet the marketing requirements of handicraft producers who are mainly women and operating on a very small scale, usually from their homes.

Sana Hastakala strives to revive and preserve traditional handicraft techniques as well as develop new skills and ideas. They provide assistance with project development, training and sales. Financial assistance is provided to producers for the purchase of equipment, raw materials, product development and health programs. Sana Hastakala provide services to more than 80 producer groups and around 1000 individual crafts-people.

Sana Hastakala are a founding member of the Fair Trade Group Nepal and are a member of WFTO - The World Fair Trade Organisation.

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