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Earrings - recycled glass beads - United

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Glass bead earrings from Ghana


Celebrate the Sisterhood! From Global Mamas' beaders in Ghana. Made from recycled glass the beads used in these earrings have been designed to represent that hand in hand women create a global community of sisters UNITED together, to TRANSFORM and PROSPER, creating a NEW DAY! Each of the different patterned beads represent these actions and the earrings come with a tag explaining the meaning of each bead. 

UNITED - White glass with blue dots painted. Symbolises that there is a lot more power to change the world when united in a community. Great for a gift to someone you wish to show solidarity with, or to show your own support of the sisterhood of women.


Earrings - recycled glass beads - United
Earrings - recycled glass beads - UnitedEarrings - recycled glass beads - United

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