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Earring - Cambodian Gong

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Cambodian Buddhist Gong earrings


These beautiful and simple earrings are a reminder of the wonders of the Buddhist religion with all its symbols and sounds.  The gong, which we saw and heard throughout of our recent trip to Cambodia, is so much part of the culture and is a joy to bring it back to offer in our range. 

The gong earrings are made of  recycled brass from discarded bomb and bullet casings collected post the years of civil war.  Surgical steal posts are used where brass isn't.   They measure 1.5cm diameter with a 3cm drop.

Rajana is proud to be a Cambodian-run social enterprise working hand-in-hand with Cambodian artisans living throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. With a main-office in Cambodia’s capital, they partner with 100 home-based producing families through a fair business relationship that strives to equally value the rural producers and the office manager.



Earring - Cambodian Gong
Earring - Cambodian GongEarring - Cambodian Gong
Earring - Cambodian GongEarring - Cambodian Gong
Earring - Cambodian Gong

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