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Socks - Conscious Step

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Make a Conscious Step!


Why not buy some very comfy socks and help change the world at the same time!

These socks are made with fair trade organic cotton and are 100% vegan and animal friendly. Great fun designs and some great causes to support! 

We love supporting such a passionate and vibrant cause and so many of our customers do too.

*Please note that while the Causes stay the same, the designs do change.  When you select your socks, we will send you an image of the design to make sure its what you want! Some of our socks are Women's 5-9/Mens 4-8 or Men's 8-13/Womens 9-14


Conscious Step was founded in Australia by social entrepreneurs Hassan Ahmad, Prashant Mehta and Adam Long and is now based in New York. The three came together in 2014 to create a company that raises consumer awareness of the problems faced by the world today and the organisations fighting them. They settled on socks as a way that would be convenient, tangible, recognisable and, of course, fun. Each sock has a different project it supports and below is the breakdown of how many customers have supported each cause. Way to go!

Conscious Step’s impact partners and supporting causes:

  • The Education pair donates the equivalent of two books to school children in Asia through Room to Read.
  • The Water pair provides 3 years of clean water to someone without this basic human necessity through
  • The Ocean Protection pair provides resources needed to preserve and restore the world's oceans through Oceana.
  • The pair supporting HIV provides a week of HIV treatment to a pregnant woman through UNAIDS.
  • The Trees pair plants 20 trees in Kenya through Trees for the Future.
  • The Elephant Socks - Empowers rangers to combat illegal wildlife trafficking
  • The Sharks pair contributes to Oceana and ts mission to protect the ocean and its precious creatures such as sharks through Oceana
  • Relief (disaster) Kits - This pair provides lifesaving relief kits worldwide.


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Socks - Conscious Step
Socks - Conscious StepSocks - Conscious Step
Socks - Conscious StepSocks - Conscious Step
Socks - Conscious StepSocks - Conscious Step
Socks - Conscious StepSocks - Conscious Step
Socks - Conscious StepSocks - Conscious Step

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