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Cards - 5 pack "Fun"

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Hand painted cards sets - 5 in a pack. Fun and colourful designs

  • Beautifully hand-painted cards in assorted designs. These cards are available in packs of 5 with envelopes included. Its always nice to receive a card! Even when emailing seems to be more common when contacting friends or family these days, it's nice to have cards on hand to make a message more personal. These cards in particular bring a wonderful message from those who have painted and made them.

The cards are produced and painted by employees at Silence located in West Bengal, India. Silence is an NGO organisation that employs deaf artists and others physically challenged. The artists are happiest when creating and fulfilling their dreams of economic and spiritual self sufficiency. Thank you!


Cards - 5 pack "Fun"
Cards - 5 pack Cards - 5 pack
Cards - 5 pack Cards - 5 pack
Cards - 5 pack

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