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Scarf - Kutch Soof

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A stunning scarf, each one unique!


A work of art!

This beautiful scarf of handloomed fine wool is adorned with silken Soof embroidery by women from the Shrujan group in the Kutch desert region of Gujarat. This style originally was practiced by peoples of the Thar region of Sindh who migrated to Kutch. Soof artists never draw their motifs. Each artisan imagines her design, then counts it out on the warp and weft of the fabric in reverse! This incredibly highly skilled work requires an innate use of geometry and keen eyesight. At least a month in creation this scarf is only available in very limited quantities and due to the influence of the individual artisan each piece may vary slightly in pattern and embroidery colours to that shown in the photo.


Measurements are 175cm x 30cm 

Scarf - Kutch Soof
Scarf - Kutch SoofScarf - Kutch Soof
Scarf - Kutch Soof

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