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Cushion Cover - Kutch Neran

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A striking large cushion cover incorporating a panel of Neran embroidery from the KMVS Qasab co-operative. 61cm x 61cm


Neran embroidery is done by the Sodha, Rajput and Megwar communities. The word "neran" means eyebrows, which the curved shapes formed by the buttonhole stitch used are said to resemble.

KMVS has 12000 members of which around 1200 are traditional craftswomen, organised and operating as self sustaining producer groups. Their sustained efforts over the last decade has helped these women, their families and communities extricate themselves from a vicious downward spiral of commercial exploitation by middlemen and traders. Each craftswoman now receives a fair price for her work and the producer group also receives a percentage, which is apportioned to social, and health needs and shared amongst all members as a dividend.

Cushion Cover - Kutch Neran
Cushion Cover - Kutch NeranCushion Cover - Kutch Neran

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